SPRING 2017 URCA SYMPOSIUM @ UCSB - Justin Pretorius explaining his VIGS results (L). Justin and Tim Ngo looking sharp (C). Tim presenting his A. coerulea ‘Daileyae’ data (R).

STUDENTS AND THEIR RESEARCH MENTORS - Justin and Anji (L) and Tim and Zac (R). Side note - notice how gaga Tim and Zac get when in the presence of a member of the opposite sex.

SPRING 2018 URCA SYMPOSIUM @ UCSB - Jasen Liu (L) and Alex Primo (R) present their research the genetic basis of color and CRISPR constructs, respectively

SUMMER 2018 MCDB 161L PRESENTATIONS @ UCSB -  students Jorge Jacinto (L) and Kailey Flora (R) present their QTL mapping results on sepal length and leaf lobing

SPRING 2019 URCA SYMPOSIUM @ UCSB - Alex Garton points out her study organism, Aquilegia coerulea, on Dr. B’s custom made Vans featuring the state flowers of the US.